Bill Haley's Comets  


New EPK video online

The Comets have released a new video of their 60 Years Rock Around The Clock Tour!

Watch the EPK movie HERE!

Sold out venues

Our Shows in Munich, Vienna and Zurich are sold out already! Thank you to our fans for that, you are amazing!

First part of the 60 Years Rock Around The Clock Tour
will start in Europe in March 2014

The hottest rock 'n' roll show from here to Texas - bringing an epochal part of music history back to life and remembering the song, that took rock 'n' roll around the globe and is still today the most ever sold rock song - Rock Around The Clock!

With us on tour:

Original Comets Joey Ambrose, Dick Richards and Bill Turner
Original Comets' Steel Guitarist Pete Davenport

This is a real world premiere. For the first time worldwide three generations of Bill Haley’s Comets will perform together in one show – age 40 to 90 (ninety) years!

Being the only true successors to the legendary Bill Haley and his band and featuring original Haley musicians Joey Ambrose, Dick Richards and Bill Turner and Original Comets’ steel-guitarist Pete Davenport, these guys are as close to the real thing as you’re going to get. They will be joined by Bill Haley’s highly talented daughter, singer and guitarist Gina Haley, who will present some of her father's well-known songs together with this amazing “rock ‘n’ roll league of fame”.

Performing half a century in Bill Haley’s name means thousands of gigs all over the world, all-time most popular rock songs, double basses flying through the air, drums walking across the stage, saxophones leaping over tables and guitar strings ringing to a rhythm that even after 60 years hasn't lost its thrill. Music that even today makes fans jump off their chairs and girls faint by the dozens. - This is the true spirit of classic rock ’n’ roll…!

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